Banana Boat Rides in Goa

Banana boat also known as a water sled is an inflatable boat meant for towing. It is the funniest and most thrilling water sport in Goa. The ride is similar to white water rafting on the ocean.

The banana boat is an inflatable boat which is in the shaped of a banana. The banana boat is attached to a motor boat and it can seat approximately 4 to 6 person. Once everyone is seated the motorboat sprints into the sea with the attached banana boat, and the boat suddenenly topple into the water which being the surprise on this ride. Banana ride in Goa is available throughout the year.

To sit in the banana boat, you should have a lot of strength and endurance, as you are thrown into the water you will really need to work your muscles to get back to the boat. For safety reasons all passengers are supposed to wear a life jacket during the banana boat ride. Banana boat rides is available on all the major beaches and Baga beach is the best in Goa for banana ride. Many tourists flock this beach for a taste of the thrill that comes with riding a banana boat. People who want to have a thrilling experience must definitely try out this water sport.

Banana Boat Ride Photo

Banana Boat Rides in Goa

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