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Goa is a place with different culture and traditional beliefs. The distinct architecture of Goan Temples, Churches and other religious places have made Goa an all time favorite place to visit. Goa is famous for its temples and churches that attract numerous devotees from all over the world.

A Goan temple is called as 'Deul' or a 'Sausthan' in Konkani. Most of the original temples in Goa in populated areas, were demolished by the Portuguese Inquisition and devotees migrated to other places with the idols. The original goan temple architecture comprised of building temples out of black stone and were basically built in Kadamba and Hemadpanti style.

The Goan temples are similar to most hindu temples in India, based around a deity which is worshipped. The architecture of Goan temples is a little different mostly because of historical reasons. The fundamental design of any Hindu Temple is planned around the central shrine or the 'Garbagriha' or the 'Sanctum Sanctorum' that houses the main deity. A tower or 'Shikara' arises from the main shrine and is traditionally pyramidal shaped. There are usually two or more smaller shrines housing other deities known as 'Parivar Devatas' around the entrance to the Garbagriha.

Churches in Goa were built during the Portuguese invasion between 16th and 17th century AD. Christianity was forced upon with religious fervor by the Portuguese during this period. Most of the churches are catholic churches, few of them belongs to Protestants. Churches are specially renowned for fabulous architecture and historical importance.

Goa has around 27 mosques scattered all over. The mosques have been designed in the typical Muslim style complete with the dome and the towers around the mosques. Muslims gather at their mosque on Fridays at noon for communal prayer. The Imam leads the prayer and addresses the congregation from a stepped platform called minbar. However, there are two major mosques that are the most famous in Goa.

Find the list of important temples, churches and mosques belonging to North Goa & South Goa districts.

North Goan Temples Temples in North Goa

South Goan Temples Temples in South Goa

North Goan Churches Churches in North Goa

South Goan Churches Churches in South Goa

North Goan Mosques Mosques in North Goa

South Goan Mosques Mosques in South Goa

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