Goan Fenny

Goan Fenny / Feni is drink made from either coconut or the juice of the cashew apple. For more than 400 years, Goans have used the vibrant fruit to brew feni. Cashew Feni is made by fermenting the Cashew Fruit (fruit of the Cashew Tree) and Coconut Feni is made from the sap of the Coconut Tree. Coconut Fenny is generally clear and known for its strong alcohol scent. Its flavor has been described as 'Burnt Sugar'. Cashew Apple Fenny is pale yellow in color which comes with the taste of both fruity and nutty.

The traditional method of making Cashew Feni is to crush the cashew apples manually with the help of a rock on the hill which is carved or shaped like a basin with an outlet for the juice, called "coimbi". The juice is collected in a huge earthen pot called Kodem, which is buried in the ground. The juice is then distilled several times in earthen or copper pots.

During fermentation, 4% of the juice gets transformed into alcohol. This juice is then collected in copper pots and distilled. During distillation process the juice is heated and the alcohol vapors are collected in a cooling condenser.

The distillation process is repeated three times. The first distilled juice that is obtained is known as Urrack. This drink is of a very low strength. The second drink is known as Cazulo which is slightly stronger than Urrack. Cazulo is not that popular and the final juice that comes out is very powerful and highly intoxicating and is known as Feni. The quality of genuine Feni is determined by its smell. The Feni that is produced after the third distillation is a product that is known for its excellence and high quality. It is made during the cashew season in March and April.

Locals like to drink feni mixed with lemon soda or served over ice with a slice of lime. It make a good combination with fruit juices too. Some of the best brands of feni are Big Boss, Cashyo and Reals.

When you are to Goa, don't forget to try it.

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